The rising demand for online proctored examinations

online proctored examinations

E-Learning is gaining tremendous popularity these days, the global market is now crossing the $100bn mark and is all set to cruise milestones ahead. The quick changing global scenario is leading to change in the entire system and as a result, there is a need for various other supporting technologies.

Another area that is rapidly growing is the proctoring space. If it wasn’t for online learning video proctoring would not have gained so much popularity, but given the vastness of the online training programs, the need for such a service is rising at a great rate.

For all the people who are new to this field, Proctoring or Online Proctored tests are designed in such as manner that it checks the authenticity of the individual appearing in the test through a proctor who is present online during the test to prevent individuals from cheating.

This is a great way for companies who are willing to take the test in their own classrooms. With the help of online proctored exam, recruiters can actually make sure that the test taker is not cheating during the examination via a proctor who is present during the entire course of the exam. A single proctor can keep a tap of many individuals at the same time, without necessarily being in the same room.

Online testing has existed now for over 20 years in various forms. The most used type of tests is an objective test which tests the candidates on their subject knowledge and is also used to understand his behavioural profile or learning ability.

 What could be some of the problems with online tests without a proctor and offline proctored exams?

  • Allocating an examination centre near the location of the individual test taker is the biggest challenge for most companies for taking any type of test.
  • Certified proctors are rare to find and it’s difficult to maintain the class of proctoring. There are limited records available to verify if the proctor did his job properly.
  • The limitation of examination centres or proctors often results in extended timelines for test schedules.
  • In the case of online test without a proctor, there is a big chance of cheating or impersonation which distorts the quality of recruitment. Students have the option to ask somebody else to appear for their test and may even use books or smart phones and other devices to cheat in the examination.

Proctored exams are important in certain while they are not in certain cases. Exams where the knowledge is easily available on the internet or they have a specific syllabus are often vulnerable to cheating and impersonation. These exams have to be conducted in the presence of a proctor otherwise the results will not display the true potential of the test taker and therefore distort the scores.

Various exams in which an individual is required to answer questions based certain situations are personal and therefore cannot be looked upon on the internet can be conducted offline or without a proctor if approved by the organisation.

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