The Complete Guide to Marketing Your App on Facebook

Marketing Your App on Facebook

Talk about social media and the first name that comes to everybody’s mind is Facebook. You might not be active on Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest but Facebook is one platform that everybody visits at least once in a day. Getting bored or have few seconds to pass while traveling? We all switch on to either Whatsapp or Facebook apps on our phones. But have you ever realized that the same social media tool that connects you to the world can also help you promote your business (sometimes even free of cost)?

Facebook is larger than what you think. And if you are a digital marketer, you certainly don’t have the option to ignoring Facebook while planning your marketing strategies. It has to be incorporated in your marketing plan because of the reach and connectivity with your target audience that it provides you.

Marketing Your App on Facebook1

Hold on! I haven’t even disclosed the best part yet. You can zero your advertisement to your target audience by using various filters so that your Facebook ad reaches only those to whom it is relevant, hence serving your purpose in a better manner. You have the filters to target the Facebook audience by their interests, demographics and locations.

Let’s discuss in more detail that how can Facebook be used to your own advantage. If you want to know about how you can market your business on world’s leading social networking platform then you must read ahead.

Who is there on Facebook for You?


Facebook might have been a tool for college students initially but it has reached different age groups now. With minimum age to sign up for Facebook being 13 years, almost anybody has access to this platform. However, you cannot really figure out that which age group is most popular as Facebook does not release any relevant data.

Marketing Your App on Facebook

Nevertheless, I can assure you that you will find ample of users on this social media platform no matter which age group are you targeting.

How Can You Use Facebook for Marketing?


Facebook mainly hosts 3 tools which can be accessed by every Facebook account holder – Ads, Pages and Groups. You can use either any one of them or can combine them all in your marketing strategy.

Facebook Ads


Facebook has an amazing advertising platform to offer. You can generate ads which are targeted to specific age groups, geographical regions and education levels among various other filters. In fact, you can even choose if you want to target the audience using a particular device while browsing Facebook.

The best feature about Facebook ads is that it provides the users a “Like” option beneath or above the video to like your page, thus getting you more followers.

Pros: Ads have a wider and powerful parameter to reach the target audience.

Cons: Depending on your objective of advertising, it can get a bit expensive sometimes.

Facebook Pages


Facebook fan pages are quite similar to the user profiles that are created on Facebook. However, the pages are created mainly for businesses, public figures and organizations. Anybody having a Facebook account can “Like” the page that they want to follow and they would automatically start getting updates in their newsfeed from that particular page.

Marketing Your App on Facebook

Now, what makes Facebook pages more convenient for businesses is that the owner doesn’t require accepting the request of follower, unlike Facebook profile where you need to accept the add request and need to have some mutual friends/relations too. Also, there is no limit to the number of people that can follow your page so you can have an unlimited fan base.

Pros: Pages are easy to create and absolutely free.

Cons: Pages take longer to get popular. Building a proper fan base can be quite difficult.

Facebook Groups


Discussion forums have been quite popular among businesses from decades. Well, Facebook Groups are something similar to those, just with an additional feature of allowing you to write on the wall. You can keep the privacy settings as public (which means that even those who are not the members of the group can view the posts) or you can move it to private (which means that posts are visible to the members of the group only).

Pros: The engagement level in groups is quite high and they are free to create.

Cons: It is quite time consuming to interact with consumers in groups.

Marketing Your App on Facebook

Final Words


Facebook is really flexible and powerful advertising platform. No matter which business you are in and who is your target audience, Facebook has the options for every budget and a wider reach to every segment possible.

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