Top Android Apps that help improve your phone’s privacy and security

Android Apps

Did you know that most apps fail basic security tests and could compromise the security and privacy of your phone? Having basic security measures such as an anti virus is no longer enough! Especially when you are dealing with a smartphone, you have to consider a lot of things such as permissions and restrictions, backup, encryption and other data privacy as well as security features. The Google Play Store has a lot of apps that can help improve your phone’s security. However, choosing the ones that are actually useful and compatible with your needs is quite difficult. We are a leading Android App Development Company and here’s our pick on the top android apps to improve your Smartphone’s security.

Android Apps

#App 1: NordVPN

This is a particularly useful app for browsing! NordVPN is basically a Virtual Private Network that helps you browse with anonymity. With a VPN, the information available to third parties about you – such as your IP, your browsing habits and so on is limited and the app is even protects info from being divulged to your own ISP (Internet Service Provider)! This is a free app and allows an user to connect with about 500+ servers across 50 countries and has features such as the Smart Play that help you connect specifically with a particular server and gives you a reliable connection that is fast as well which helps in streaming data. As an Android App Development Company, we love this app and it gets our thumbs up!

#App 2: Telegram

This app is all about privacy and encryption is the main focus here. It features chats that can be secretive with end to end encryption along with temporary messaging features that are very secure. The best part about is it however is that it is free of apps which means there is no tracking by other parties! Another standout feature that makes this app our favourite is that it is a multi mobile applications platform one.

#App 3: Hushed

This is a very interesting app in our opinion as it lets users create temporary phone numbers. For marketing calls and unwanted forms that require your data, you can actually dole out a burner number using Hushed and be rid of unwanted callers and spammers.

#App 4: LastPass

Passwords are hard to remember and they have to have combinations of alphanumeric letters, lower case and upper case, special characters and so on not to mention the other rules and regulations that make one dizzy from having to remember them. More often than not, you wish you could write them down somewhere safe and yet this is not a recommended practise and justly so. What then are you to do in such a case? You could use LastPass which lets you store all your passwords in an encrypted vault. It also can help you generate random passwords and help you manage password changes automatically. In our experience as an Android App Development Company, we are sure that customers will surely love such an app!

#App 5: ProtonMail

Encrypted mailing is the need of the hour and ProtonMail aims to fix this with its email client that is well encrypted. It is open source, located at Switzerland (that has pretty stringent security and privacy laws) and is actually founded by a team who graduated from MIT and CERN. Since it is open source, security checks can be conducted by experts and it has received favourable reviews so far. It is also very simple to use and this makes it a very useful app on the mobile applications platform.

We hope to have brought you quite a few interesting apps that can actually help with your smart phone’s privacy and security. Do check these out and tighten your phone’s security!

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