Travel To the Best of the World with Best Android Travel Apps

Android Travel Apps

Get the most from your travelling with apps. You be the kind of travel agent you expect others to be and let yourself be guided and directed to exciting places around the world. And it doesn’t just stop there, you have guidance to fine dining spots, luxury experiences, and places never explored-through Android travel apps.

How all this mentioned above and more is happening? By tying together the power and connectivity and letting your hands take control. Our digital world has made it possible, to connect, without the language barriers-through mobile apps and website portals. And not just subjectively to personal usages, apps have proven to be the most efficient form of business communication.

VeztekUSA, the company that is responsible for mobile app development, states and we quote; apps form a passage of connectivity, they enable clients to communicate with companies, make bookings easier and in control of the clients-with efficiency and without verbal communication.

An Android user can get everything accomplished through a single push of the button on the friendly android travelling apps. How is everyone travelling and reaching best destinations and how you can act as your own travel guide-let’s go through this list of apps which we have fragmented them according to their categories, to further save your time.

#1-Speedy Booking– An app that everyone regards for discounted rates, extensive critiqued lodging, and pay later options. Filters on the app help you choose the rooms and places according to your preference for the right price. You also have a 24/7 customer support for further assistance. (iOS, Android)

Kayak- It’s an app for one stop travel shoppers. With this efficient app you can find the best flights, lodging, deals, and can use the same for tracking and managing flights and itineraries. You will receive price notifications for various deals. You can use filters and find flights as matching your taste and favorite features. (Android, iOS, Windows, Kindle)

#2- Organizers

PackPoint- This app is a packaging list generator that can act as your mom and valet-uses the traveling information of yours and customizes the checklists. The app lets you tell your gender, your destination, your time, and your plan of what you will do. The app feeds in your given information and suggest accordingly. (Android, iOS)

TripIt- This is an efficient organizer that assembles details of hotels, flights, and other details and numbers you provided information into a unified itinerary. You can even forward your travel emails to TripIt app and have the app automatically sync and receive. The apps best feature is weather forecasts and maps. (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone)

#3- Travelling Tools

Google Maps– Google map app beats all the other map apps out there. The tool is efficient and excellent and offers GPS navigation with voice, guides pedestrians, riders, and bikers, with supplement of terrain view, street, 3D images, and satellite view. You can count the hours and see reviews for the places you desire on visiting or you can make calls. (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)

Instagram- 21st Century postcards, this app let’s you keep all the travel photos and videos-caption them, enhance them, and share them speedily on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and all other social media sites. The filters of the app even make the simplest pictures look professional work. The best feature of the app enables you to display photos on your personal map. (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)

#4- On the Road

iExist– Are you travelling with your kids and planning to eat someplace? Well, this app guides you exit by exit for whatever lies next. You can take the help of the app and become aware of the gas stops, meals, bathrooms, lodges, and other road tripping essentials. You can use this app for pre-planning and for en route. (Android, iOS)

Waze- The app offers navigation advice in sense of driver sourced and real time. Waze has the legion of local eyes which keeps eyes on the road and informs about the traffic jams, speed traps, and road closures. The best feature of the app is locating cheapest and closest gas station. (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)


App stores have numerous apps for the same purpose-yet the best apps might account to thousands. You can make your every step easier with the help of apps belonging to similar categories. Go through our brief list of various travel apps for assistance and smooth travelling.







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