What Makes Dedicated Server Hosting an Excellent Alternative for Businesses?

Dedicated Server Hosting

In dedicated server hosting, a single physical server is dedicated exclusively for use by one organization which rents it. This implies that the resources belonging to that server like the disk space, RAM, CPU and bandwidth will be enjoyed by the organization. Dedicated server hosting is most beneficial for websites which receive a lot of web traffic such as the e-commerce sites. These enterprises enjoy complete access to the server and are free to configure its settings to suit their business needs. Unlike shared hosting, in dedicated server hosting, the server resources are not shared amongst multiple users on a shared platform; rather the organization enjoys exclusive use of the server resources. This explains why dedicated server hosting is a rather costly hosting option.

Advantages of choosing dedicated server India services:

  • Since the server resources are not shared among many co-users, therefore, a business enjoys complete freedom in resource allocation. You do not have to worry about co-users using up too much disk space or bandwidth; you can be certain that bad scripts like those which run on many sites in a shared hosting environment will not cause your site to slow down.

  • When you opt for dedicated server hosting, your host will be able to guarantee you a high network uptime. This means that during technical glitches, the host will troubleshoot your problems without delay, ensuring that your website is up and running at all times. Dedicated servers are ideal for heavy traffic sites because they guarantee a higher degree of reliability and stability,

  • In dedicated server hosting, the user gets root access to the server; this allows a high degree of customizability because businesses can now adjust the server settings to satisfy their business objectives. In shared hosting in comparison, the user is limited to the operating system and software which is preloaded onto the server.

  • In dedicated server hosting, you are not forced to share server space with other malicious sites which can get you blacklisted as in shared hosting. Besides, you are also well protected from attack by malware. Dedicated servers are more secure employing more stringent security measures to safeguard data against security breaches.

Dedicated Server Hosting

  • With a dedicated server, you can enjoy a unique IP address. In shared hosting, a business will share an IP address with many other users. This means that is any of these other users is a spam website, your website’s ranking may be adversely affected.

  • When you choose a dedicated server hosting plan, you do not have to buy or monitor the server yourself. The dedicated hosting provider will be responsible for managing and monitoring the server reducing your overhead costs.

  • Dedicated servers are definitely more reliable because the user enjoys complete control over the server resources. This also implies that dedicated hosting is not as cheap as shared hosting. But in exchange for a price, you can control your resources and thereby ensure a higher server uptime.

  • When you opt for dedicated server hosting, you are likely to get hosts which will provide round-the-clock technical assistance through live chats, phone calls and emails. They will be responsible for troubleshooting all server related issues so that you can focus on the more important areas of your business.

These are some of the key advantages of choosing dedicated server hosting. With a dedicated hosting plan, you can enjoy all benefits of owning a server without having to store this machine in your office space. The provider will not only monitor the server but will keep it stored and well protected in climate controlled environments so that they can function optimally. Enterprise web hosting services must also guarantee a high degree of security to guard the network from attacks. They should ensure that the websites are up and running 24×7 and the network is completely reliable with proper backup supplies. When businesses have to depend on their server for data and applications they need enterprise web hosting. Enterprise hosting packages may be available for different prices and you should ideally examine their features when you want your business to grow rapidly. Enterprise hosts will give more personal attention than what you can expect to get from regular web hosting providers. However, the services are likely to be more expensive that standard web hosting plans.

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