TikTok Beginning to Grow Across India, Showing Massive Potential

TikTok Beginning to Grow Across India

For years now, India has become a nation that is in love with social media. The size of the nation as well as its massive population means that keeping in touch with friends and family from across the country can be tough. However, social media tools have helped us to change that and create a far more connected India. It is down to the popularity of major social media channels that has helped to create a really interesting dynamic in India: for many Indians, their smartphone is the gateway to their personal and professional lives.

However, while many social media apps are growing very popular across India, it would appear that TikTok might be winning the popularity contest. This comes after TikTok was noted as being downloaded on as many as one third of smartphones based in India. Indeed, data specialists Sensor Tower have noted that Indians made up over 40% of the downloads for TikTok in February 2020, showcasing the mass spread of popularity.

Many believe that the COVID-19 crisis has led to the mass popularisation of the social media giant. However, while it has definitely played a role, TikTok was already seeing mass downloads across India even before the virus spiralled out of control.

And this growth is not expected to stop anytime soon. Growth can become stagnant in such a fast-growing app, but the experts believe that this is only the start, not the end, for the Chinese social media giant.

What has made TikTok so popular in India?

Many reasons exist for the fact that many Indians now see TikTok as primary form of communication and entertainment. It has become a source of income for many Indian influencers, who have used their stardom on the app to develop careers for themselves. They’ve even used the apps range of partnership and event-based systems to help develop full careers for themselves.

Some gain stardom through the development of an organic, viral video. Others will look to boost their visibility early on by looking to buy TikTok likes. The mass uptake of the app, though, means that even the most unique and remote of ideas can become popular with a sub-section of the Indian social media scene.

The app has become increasingly popular, then, as a dream tool that could allow less well-off Indians to push for the stars. It could give them a chance to make a name for themselves in the country, or even internationally. TikTok, though, has seen immense popularity growth in the last few years due to the fact that the app is such an easy to use and simple to learn system.

Many other social media apps can make using the app itself tough, nevermind starting any kind of career through the application. Now, many Indians are either following an influencer from nearby or are in the process of trying to become an influencer. Make no mistake; TikTok has transformed the social media industry, and given many Indians a chance at local, even national, stardom.

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