How to Use Surveys to Hook More Customers in 2020?

Hook More Customers in 2020

Surveys are a great way of performing market research and to collect valuable data from your customers. This collected data can help businesses take on the right decisions and decide on future business-related activities.

Surveys create engagement among the users and the business. It makes your audience take an active interest in your products and services and interact with your brand.

Customers tend to connect with your brand when they discover what they were desperately looking for and find it through your content that furthermore easies their way of life. After the said experience they will surely return and would expect more from the business.

This is how brands emerge from a mere business all just because of engagement and trust. So, it becomes really important to hook customers to your business and benefit the customers as well as your brand.

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Try the following tips to hook more customers to your business and generate maximum sales.

5 Tips to Hook Customers with the Help of Surveys

1. Incentivize

Who doesn’t like to on the receiving end? Especially when you request your customers for responding to a survey. After all who is going to respond to a boring survey by investing their time and energy for nothing in return? No one!

So, put yourself in the customer boots and think of improving this process. If you are a business selling products and services you may offer a small discount for users on their next purchase. Doing this will make the customer happy and he will respond to the survey with utter honesty.

You can even send users QR codes that can be scanned to give surveys this is a slightly different approach than the traditional method. Giving something in return always goes a long way in building a strong business-customer relationship.

2. Intrigue

Sometimes responding to a survey becomes boring due to the details asked and the number of questions in the array. You don’t have to be forceful and intimidating while asking the questions in the surveys to capture the valuable data.

This can lead to the customer leaving mid-way without completing the entire survey. All this just because the choice of questions and the quantity both were overwhelming to him. So, try making the survey less boring and not completely unimaginative.

You can do this by adding some less complex and off-topic questions like:

  • What DC Character would you like to be?
    • Superman
    • Batman
    • Wonder Women
    • Aquaman
    • Joker
  • Which country you would visit if given a free travel ticket?
    • South Africa
    • Thailand
    • Indonesia
    • Japan
    • India

This will ease the mind of the customer so that you can collect honest responses without putting much pressure on the responder.

3. Use Email Invitations

You can use email services to embed surveys in it. Sending regular product notifications via. emails in the form of weekly newsletters are a great way of achieving the survey goal.

You can directly tell them about the survey that needs to be responded to. Taking a direct approach is better than beating around the bush and keeping the customer in a

You can get higher response rates with this method. you’ll embed the surveys in Questions like ” How would you rate our service?”. The “Quiz and Survey Master – WordPress Survey Plugin” is the perfect choice in achieving the specified result quickly. You just need to add the plugin to your WordPress website and start creating engaging Surveys.

4. Make use of Smart Survey Plugin

Quiz and Survey Master WordPress Survey Plugin provides you with a lot more possibilities in creating exciting engaging surveys for your customers.

It is easy to use Survey Plugin especially designed keeping in mind the wide audience to cater to. It is a free to use Plugin with no cap on storing responses. It means you can store unlimited responses and use them as you like.

How to Use Surveys to Hook More Customers in 2020

It can be used to create a wide-variety of Quizzes and Surveys like Customer Surveys, Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Event Planning Surveys, Employee Engagement Survey, Viral Quizzes, Personality Quiz, Riddle, Polls, Trivia Quizzes, Forms, Questionnaires, and much more.

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Quiz and Survey Master has tons of customization options where you can customize even the button text. You have 15+ Types of Questions to choose from like Multiple Choice, Fill in the blanks, Slider, Multiple Response, Image Upload, Checkbox, etc.

It also has the back of 30+ Advanced Addons that take the Quiz and Survey Game onto a whole new level. You can collect user data with the help of forms, and use the collected emails for various marketing campaigns.

It has the integration to Mail Chimp, Aweber, Active Campaign, Campaign Monitor, Drip, and many more productivity-enhancing Integrations and Addons to make the most of the collected user data.

Download Quiz and Survey Master Plugin for Free

5. Timing is Important

You cannot just make a survey and send it to your customers and expect a great response. This may at times backfire as there is also an issue of timing.

Suppose, a customer has just subscribed to your newsletter. So, the first action from you won’t be sending a barrage of questions to let him answers. The user will probably get annoyed and unsubscribe in the first instance plus this will create a bad impression of your brand.

So, you must be extra cautious with the choice of time and the customers. A better approach would be to target those customers who show interest and open your emails quite frequently as they know your brand and are interested in your newsletter.

Using the same technique you should rope in the new customers after they’ve been part of your brand for a good amount of time.

Final Thoughts

Hope you have gained some knowledge on how you can make the most of Customer Surveys to Hook More Customers and boost sales. These were some of the tips to achieve the desired result.

To make the most out of the customer surveys you should definitely consider Quiz and Survey Master Plugin. It is a popular and most used plugin for making Quizzes, Surveys, and all sorts of Question Answer forms.

It has been tried and tested by 30000+ users and has 800+ 5 Star Ratings. So, what’s stopping you? Download the Best WordPress Survey Plugin and witness your online business grow to new heights.

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