Helium: The 8k Ultra HD Charm

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Since the genesis of our company, we have been providing the best hiring services in the UK for thecamera, drones, other film and imaging equipment as well as the best filming crew for our clients across the whole country. To keep the trust of our clients in us intact and strengthen our relations for the future we have kept our inventory up to date with the newest imaging technology that is released in the market. The recent imaging sensation, the Helium S35mm Sensor is the newest release from RED, the leading digital cinema camera producing company in the international market.

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Features: Helium is a 35mm 8K camera sensor with 3.65-micron sensors. The sensor varies in size from the older Epic-W, Dragon and Vista Vision sensors. This miniaturization comes with the confinement of 8K into a smaller, Super 35mm chip. This results in the necessity of smaller, denser pixels, which is rather a better thing to have. The pixels generated by the Super 35mm Helium are better in quality than those created by the Dragon and Vista Vision. This basically promises a better image quality along with an ease of use due to the more feasible and easy to handle size and weight of the whole gear.

With the next-level flexibility, the Helium 8k Super 35mm sensor can shoot 8K 2:4:1 at a staggering 75 frames per second. Moreover, the 8K full format can be shot at upto 60 fps. The full resolution of the Helium 35mm sensor offers a capturing power of 35.4 Megapixels for motion as well as stills. The makers of Helium Super 35mm sensor have remarkably improved the low light sensitivity adding to the long list of attributes in which the sensor outclasses its predecessors by a considerable margin.

Feasibility: For interested users in the Kingdom, the American made Gear costs start from somewhere around 38,240 GBP and that is for the gear alone. Add the shipping cost and other expenses and the overall price becomes significantly demanding. However, for the Directors and Producers here in the UK, Chilli cheese hire provides the facility to hire filming equipment along with a crew to execute the shoots, black magic camera rental, sony a7sii hire, red epic camera 8k, digital camera equipment and production services. We have some extremely feasible hiring packages for hiring equipment and crew for your film. Specifically, for Red Weapon with Helium S35, our packages start from 700 GBP per day.

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Hiring in UK: With a history spanning over 100 years, our company has done some top-notch work in the business, working with clients like HBO, Marvel, DreamWorks, Disney, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, The BBC, and several others. With numerous trusted clients and a reputation to maintain, we promise excellent filming services along with the most talented crew for hire, familiar with advanced technologies and filming techniques ensuring the best possible services. Simply visit our website ChilliCheezzeHire.com or Email us at [email protected] You can also call us at 0203 399 8016 or visit us at 257 Vale London, W3 7QS.

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