Cloud Hosting: The Non Technical Perspective

Cloud Hosting

Well, cloud hosting or cloud computing is almost everywhere. It has become one of the most popular concepts to be around in this digital age. Every modern organization is warming up to it and how. However, if you aren’t particularly tech savvy, the concept could prove to be confusing. After all, there are so many jargons to deal with, and with new ones being added to the list, the process of understanding only becomes more and more difficult with every passing day.

What if you do not know what encryption, scalability, phishing, RAM, elasticity or bandwidth means? Do you need to opt for a quick crash course in computer science? Well, fortunately no! There are ways in which you can cut through all the technical jargon and still realize the advantages of cloud hosting. We take a look.

What then is Cloud Computing?

Looking at the entire concept from a non technical point of view, cloud computing is the term given to an internet based service that is rendered by means of a network by a network of computer servers which is physically located somewhere outside the premises of the company. It is quite like the large air cooled spaces that big companies had for storing their servers which were kept locked away from public access. The cloud performs the identical task. However, their location is not within the premises of the company. And while their functions are quite similar to those cloud storage servers of yesteryears, they are much more efficient in their functioning.

Simply put, it is something like a powerful storage space for all your data and important information. Provided you have chosen the correct model and right service provider for cloud hosting, it could well mean packing away all your storage and data access related worries to a trusted source.

Why is Cloud Hosting Better than Having a Server?

In simple terms, the advantages of hosting your data or your website on the clouds could be listed as follows:

  • Cloud Helps in Saving Money: well, engaging a cloud hosting service provider could mean additional expenses. You will certainly have to pay a certain sum to your service provider for offering managed hosting services. However, when calculated over the long run, cloud hosting will certainly save money. Like for instance, once you decide to host your data on the cloud, there will be no need to spend on purchase of physical components like highly specialized servers we talked about. And not having to own servers would mean you will also not have to purchase facilities for creating a climate controlled environment for storing them. This actually means a whole lot of savings.

  • Clouds Fuel Growth: Before the concept of cloud hosting established itself firmly, the IT departments of companies had to spend money on additional software and hardware for accommodating growth within an organization. All of this costly as well as time consuming. However, once you resort to the cloud, scaling up becomes ridiculously simple and less costly too. In fact, growth is fuelled in a matter of minutes.

  • Clouds Make you Flexible: With global mergers and dwindling of barriers, the world is literally your marketplace. With the cloud, location constraints don’t matter anymore. You as well as your staff members can do business on any mobile device from anywhere and at any time of the day. This actually enhances productivity.

  • The Cloud will Enhance Business Speed and Take you Ahead in Competition: Well, the world is now being dominated by the online space. So much so that online shopping, with its very many options, has become more interesting as compared to actual shopping. So, if you have an ecommerce interface you wouldn’t want your customers to turn to other options simply because your webpage is taking too long to load! Well, this is where cloud hosting will help you in keeping pace with the competition. A cloud based model with ensure that your website responds in a jiffy so that prospective customers get a chance to check it out before they think of moving elsewhere.

  • The Cloud is there for handling your Problems: Relying on IT professionals could be a traumatic experience for companies. Often times, they would take too long to get back. Besides, if the problem occurs during off hours or during the weekend, one had no other option but to wait through. However, with cloud hosting, the problems are resolved in a jiffy and you are assured of much lesser downtime.

So, all you actually need to do is cut through the jargon and realize the simple benefits of cloud hosting before actually taking the plunge. All you need to do is choose from among the available cloud hosting plans with care. Remember, cloud hosting is here to stay. There is every reason for you to jump on to the bandwagon now for realizing all its rich benefits.

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