The Best 5 Mobile Shopping Apps

Mobile Shopping Apps

One cannot live a day without their smartphones and there are reasons why they cannot. From checking the latest world and national news to getting the milk delivered right at the door step, from comparing the prices of products to reading an interpretation of dream, there are so many productive uses of a smartphone. So, in a nutshell, these smartphones not only help us to remain connected and entertained but also help us save some money with various apps. Installing some of the shopping apps would really save your time…

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Tips For Successful Mobile App Engagements

Mobile App Engagements

Mobile apps are such that they provide the brands incorporating them with limitless ways and potential to enthral and engage customers like never before. Provided the methodologies are followed carefully, the business of the brands and enterprises are augmented greatly and it creates more users for the enterprise. Typically the users apart from requesting customized and related experiences also demand that the aforementioned experiences are carried out via the mobile apps. Statistics reveal that a figure of more than 60 % (more than 400,000) of the 2 million apps which…

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Increase your Notification’s engagement rate with Emojis

Notification engagement rate Emojis

Emojis–the little button like pins with expressions ranging from happiness to sadness and from rage to boredom and everything else in between. With an increase in the usage of emoticons to help put a point across, the world has moved on from expressions to buildings, food items, animals, and even time, amongst various other things. Now while it has established its coolness when shared with friends, emojis are now holding a part in the business world as well. With its usage rising by 163 percent and the library being increased…

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What To Choose For Startup – iOS Or Android?

iOS Or Android

Globally, Google and Apple are two leading tech giants, but still, there is a plenty of debate on which operating system has the upper hand. Before starting any mobile app development company, first, you require to understand the advantage of an Android app or iOS app and then understand the certain feature under other parameters. This approach will definitely help to get the conclusion whether they choose Android or iOS app development for their startup. In order to make right choice here in this blog, we make some in-depth analysis…

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Essential Qualities of a Successful iOS Apps

iOS Apps

Not all apps are created equal. Basically, there are hundreds of thousands of iOS apps uploaded in the Apple App Store and only less than one percent of these iOS apps become financially successful.  Very few out of these hundreds of thousands apps for Apple devices had standout from the rest, and outshine the competitors. The common scenario among iPhone users is that, they will download a particular iOS app, then use it once or twice and eventually delete the app and never use again. If this happens to your…

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