The Best 5 Mobile Shopping Apps

Mobile Shopping Apps

One cannot live a day without their smartphones and there are reasons why they cannot. From checking the latest world and national news to getting the milk delivered right at the door step, from comparing the prices of products to reading an interpretation of dream, there are so many productive uses of a smartphone. So, in a nutshell, these smartphones not only help us to remain connected and entertained but also help us save some money with various apps.

Installing some of the shopping apps would really save your time and money both. Take a look at some of the shopping apps you must have in your smartphone.

Groupon: We all have a rational mind that keeps on counting the savings! Wisdom lies in saving money as much as you can rather than spreading it like wildfire. Groupon is that correct kind of app that would provide you deals and coupons each day of the week for anything and everything. Starting from a spa massage to dining in a restaurant, booking a hotel to tickets for events – you can shop everything here. The deals are really cheaper! Go for this app today.

Ferns N Petals App: This organization named Ferns N Petals is India’s oldest and perhaps the best gift shopping app. Be it their beautiful floral boutiques, amazing cake pieces, or the alluring personalized gifts – they are always ready to show up some of the best creative designs. In case you want to say a sorry to your boyfriend or girlfriend, click on this app and get the flower delivery today itself using their same day delivery service! While you want to impress a dear friend on his/her birthday, a midnight cake delivery app is right here in your smartphone. So, celebrate your special occasions with this app and also get the best deals.

Ferns N Petals App

Shopsavvy App: All kind of smartphone – android, windows, or i-Phones can install it. It is an app that is actually a barcode scanner which facilitates you with the best price for an item online or locally. Suppose you have found something in a store, you just have to scan the barcode with this app and a list of compared price list would be in front of you. So, if you think that the same product is available at a lesser price in the next store or some online store, you would save some money!

Amazon App: Amazon calls themselves as the world’s largest online store and that is true because of the facilities they provide. Their user friendly website and mobile app are equally great. Some people buy from Amazon but may be they still haven’t installed the shppping app in their phone. There is an in-built system of barcode scanner, product details, review column, price differentiation, etc. in the Amazon shopping mobile app. With just a tap thus you can save some money and get the product delivered at your place.

Amazon App

The Coupons App: This one is for the local coupons and deals that would get you a lovely party with friends for sure. You can find some really implausible local deals counting freebies such as free drinks or sandwiches or pastries with this app. This one offers gas price comparison, coupon widget, vault to save your coupon. You just need to show your phone with the app to the cashier.


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