Android Studio 3.0 Features

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In today’s world, mobile applications have turned into the prime need of individuals and mobile innovation is ruling everybody’s life. The greater part of them favors Android platform mobiles as there are an expansive number of extraordinary and imaginative Android applications built at the most reasonable pricing. Google at its I/O 2017 developer conference, disclosed Android Studio 3.0, the most recent version of its integrated development environment (IDE). The new version Android Studio 3.0 for Windows, Mac, and Linux now directly is downloaded.

The feature in Android Studio is centered on quickening android app development company flow and giving the most recent tools built for the Android platform. It involves key features such as the most recent set of application performance profiling tools used to analyze the execution problems quickly, for enormous sized app projects and helps Gradle build speeds. Another key component is support for Kotlin language. IDE (Integrated Development Environment) has expanded support for this new programming language Kotlin. Now developers can include Kotlin code into their current Android application. The inbuilt conversion tool will also help to convert the Java file to Kotlin file and indeed its inception with Android Studio turns into an extraordinary declaration.

A new window design known as Android Profiler has been included in the latest version 3.0. The Android developer can get the real-time continuous information of the application. In Android Profiler, the developer can get the advantage of three different timelines such as CPU Profiler, Network Profiler, and Memory Profiler. The designer can make sample test based process following to the season of code execution, to see the memory allocation and additionally capture dump and review the network transmitted file details.

In Android Studio-3.0, the developers can update the project and convert it to get the new Java 8 Language tool chain support. They will need to modify the source and target compatibilities level to 1.8 in the project structure dialogue. Android Studio has updated the edition of the IntelliJ platform to 2017.1.2. It comprises of a variety of features like enhanced version control search, semantic highlighting, draggable breakpoints, Java 8 language refactoring, and the inclusion of parameter hints and much more.

Instant App Support is one of the best features. It makes to make instant apps using Android Studio 3.0. The instant app is basically lightweight apps that help users to run instantly without installing it. There are basically two modules included in it so that the developers can build instant apps without any effort. The two modules we can find it in the “New Module Wizard” they are App Links Assistant and the second is Modularized Refactoring Action. In not so distant future, we are probably going to see individuals utilizing Android smartwatch to do ordinary errands by utilizing Android Instant applications.

This new release has concentrated basically on upgrading the speed of application ventures including different modules. So as to help future improvement and accomplish speed upgrades, this form has come up with breaking API changes to the Android Gradle plug-in. It has served to essentially knock up the building timings. Here the Android Studio 3.0 has attempted to be the quicker IDE. A London based android developer says “Android Studio-3.0 accelerates the flow of app development and provides enhanced tools for building creative Android apps to Android app developers”.

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