Top 10 referral software for affiliate marketing

referral software for affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing software?

Affiliate marketing software are those software programs that helps you to grow and manage your referral program by tracking, managing , sharing and optimizing your business ideas and provide an ease of paying methods for your affiliate and analysis commission on them.

What is referral software?

Referral software are those programs that build a base source of data that include customer details and then use it for promoting any product or service effectively on the basis of traffic leads resulting in an overall sale and promotion of the particular product.


REFRESION creates, manage and grow your referral program that include tracking sale leads and managing your customer reference by modifying and simplifying sales commission can track the leads means which affiliate drove which sale by customizing your referral and establish a complete control and ownership program for you, it creates a unique sign in page for uploading your promotion contents and brand logos, it has generate a referral program to share on social networks so that other affiliate can also join in to your network and provide easy methods of payments via PayPal ,giftcards and may more, provide seamless connectivity with other network like Shopify,Woocommerce, ChargeBee is a paid software program however it grant first two weeks trail for your better experience. 


LeadDyno brings out the easiest and cheapest setup program with free training programs and a quick sign in has index listing that can help you manage the sales record with a 4.6 star rating, it can automatically track record from your database and help you with increased affiliate recruitment and ease your business with aiding campaigns to your social networks ,it provides a unique separate dashboard for each affiliate and manage your affiliate with HubPost integration, it also provide a mobile optimized application program for quick link sharing and promoting products with MLM and also supports Google Adwords conversion tracking, and also holds a 5 star rating on 24/7 customer support and service.


It provides an easy way for customers and affiliates to manage the record and increase one click sale; it provides all the functionality and can connect you with almost 100+ CMS I.e Content Management System and payment gateways. It is the most durable and fairly easy setup for non- tech professionals with an easy monthly installation fee, it help your site to improve page rank and also generate reports on affiliate sales for simplified payments. it provide a 5 star customer service for any real time issues that can resolved within 24 hour of working days.


EVERFACE is among the 5 star rated referral program that can bring you the most verdant facilities and enables your site to gain leads from different sources, it supports campaign management plus allows you to uploads several promoting panels on your site, plus manages your contact resulting in leads tracking and also approves loyalty programs and rewards distribution to the affiliates according to their overall market performance.

  1. BOAST

BOAST allows you to easily manage your B2B testimonial needs of your company; it has an overall 5 star rating on ease of business and customer service. It has reference management and supports feedback listing also renders you to engage in a quality campaign programs, and is a great tool for gathering testimonial for you and your clients.


It binds you to invite several contact listing and provide fully customized email listing, templates, campaign views and invite referral content for each referral channel through WYSIWYG also supports easy mobile integration and renders you to work on smart phone. InviteReferrals is available in 20+ languages and provide a deep analysis on referral sale and help you to easily fetch high rated influencers in the market.


VIRAL LOOPS brings out most supported template based program for your affiliate marketing and does support B2B and B2C      business acquisition customers. It holds an overall rating of 4.5 stars and had an amazing support system for the customers. it gives an ease on contact and feedback management and also offer reward points to highly working affiliates. It is best for eCommerce sites and provides a wide range of campaigns and tools to easily viral your campaigns on social accounts.


This program brings you the most simplified and personalized promo campaigns and auto applied discounts and loyalty programs. It empowers the affiliates by enhancing their customer acquisitions and retention campaign program. It supports dynamic segmentation by managing ample of vouchers integrating with the audience and easy flexibility with simple UI and powerful API with much expanding and scalable integration.


CLOUDSPONGE provide email referral channel and work continually on improving address books from Gmail, outlook is fast optimizing referral program for managing contact and addresses from multiple sources and provides easy navigation and is perfect for those who hadn’t been in the industry before i.e. for the newbies with easy document integration it has an excellence working environment and provide quick customer support.


ADVOCATEHUB allows you to build referral tracking and reward management, it promotes the idea of customer advocacy as the name suggests, and promotes B2B business. It invites customer for competing and make them earn reward points on the basis of their referral and product reviews, also provide badges and level to redeem perks and privileges.

It offers a customizable portal and gives an ease of work on CRM and supports reward distribution plus feedback and loyalty management provide templates and training solutions for customer advocates and work on continuous engagement of audience.

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