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2016 is set to be an exciting year for gamers, and it’s no different for those who prefer playing on mobile apps. Now, more than ever-before, the gap between console and device gaming is closer than ever, with gaming giants putting equally as much focus on their smartphone releases as everything else. Plus, with the open-platform app development of the Android store and the fast-growing variety of iOS downloads, the market is being flooding with exciting new action-filled game apps as well as much anticipated revamps and sequels of classic titles.










Pokémon Go

In February, the much-loved Pokémon franchise brings the Pokéball to your hand in a way greater than even before. Through your smartphone, you become a Pokémon trainer not only on the screen but in real life too. The game app uses locations in the real world to direct you to wild Pokémon, which you can then capture, train and swap with others.

This is done through a small device called the Pokémon Go Plus, a Pokéball-esque gadget that can be worn around the wrist and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. This device notifies you when Pokémon are nearby. You can even connect with others to battle them or to join forces and unite to defeat a stronger opponent. The app will be free to download, with in-app purchases, so no one has to miss out on this Pokémon epic!

However, with any app that allows you to make purchases on the go via public WiFi, you should be sure to have a working VPN to protect your personal information before you buy!

Assassins Creed Chronicles

Another well-known gamers favorite is rumored to make the move to mobile in 2016. This epic follows three assassins through three different timelines: 16th century China during the fall of the Ming Dynasty, the war of the Sikh Empire in 1800s India and the aftermath of Red October in Russia, circa 1918. The three games are already a huge success on console and the speculation around the their release on smartphone has picked up speed after they were featured in Pocket Gamer.

One of the magazine’s readers noticed an inclusion in the games files that offered various settings for Android and iOS, which definitely points to a mobile release sometime soon. Although Ubisoft have refused to comment on the rumors, many gamers are excited about what this year has in store for the game.


This year marks Nintendo’s move into mobile gaming with the highly anticipated Miitomo. The communication game, which is set to be released in March, stars the Mii avatars and will be free to download. Potentially the next step in social networking, the game aims to increase connectivity between friends and address conversation topics that may be otherwise avoided. This will be done through the Miis communicating with friends without the input or knowledge of the games users.

Like all good avatar games, the Miis are highly customizable, so you can look however you want and can connect with old friends or find new ones all around the world. Rumored to be in the first in a line of five to be released within the year, this game sets the tone for Nintendo’s global launch into the world of the smartphone.

Epic of Kings

Epic of Kings is an epic action/adventure game set to hit our mobile screens in January 2016. The engaging story and cinematic video sequences draw you right into the action and make this saga as irresistible to watch as it is to play. Set in the fantasyland of Khunirath and based on Persian mythology, this epic journey takes you into combat with a myriad of different monsters in various settings.

However, this game particularly stands out because it has been developed with specific built-for-mobile controls. The combat system works from an intuitive response to the touch screen giving a whole new element to the fight scenes. Created by Dead Mage and available on both Android and iOS, this game is definitely one to watch in the coming year.

Prison Architect

Prison Architect is set for a full multi-platform release in October, along with the iOS version of the game. This strategy game is almost along the same lines as Sim City, except instead of building a city you’re building a prison. This may seem like a simple premise, but in fact there’s a lot more to this game than meets the eye, as the running of this virtual prison is extremely accurate to real life.

The prison is private so you have to be very budget focused and always be trying to make profit, as well as the most important task of preventing the prisoners from escaping. You can also apply for grants for the government but have to ensure that basic needs and practices are met. Already proven to be a highly addictive release in 2015, many gamers can’t wait till this one goes mobile!

With a fantastic year ahead of us for gaming, there’s almost so much it’s going to be easy to miss out! These are just five of the highly anticipated releases coming in the next 12 months. If you know of any more, please don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments below.

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