The Advent of Virtual Human Resources Management for the HR Professional

Technology has invaded almost every sphere of our life. Human resources management is also not left untouched by the technology and latest advancements. It is slowly transitioning to a profession which is technology based. To understand these technologies, it is essential that an HR has a human resources certificate. Technology makes accessibility of the information easy with the elimination of the manual administrative tasks and allowing the business functions global, and cut costs.

Here’s how technology is changing the world of human resources management:

E-Recruiting: Information technology (IT) has transformed the recruitment and talent acquisition to a whole new level. Earlier there used to be word of mouth and placement of classified ads in the leading publications. There were many constraints of reach to millions of people. The jobs were posted localized. The process used to be a long and tiresome affair. The online tools learned while undergoing human resources certificate can be used for posting of jobs on a number of platforms which is visible by millions of job-seekers worldwide traversing the boundaries of the lands, gender, class, ethnicity, and nationality. The liberalization and the globalization of the economies around the world in earlier nineties have made easy the complete talent acquisition exercise. The interview, background check, feedback, and on boarding- all are doable with the new tools and techniques. Social media platforms too are leveraged these days to post details about the vacancies available. There are also new notifications on all the latest activities happening at the workplace.

Human Resources Systems: An HR professional has to complete a number of tasks which involve paperwork for activities like departmental transfer and confidential tax form of an employee. Many documents have to be handled and maintained for as long as the employee stays with the company and even after he/she has left the company for future references. There are many systems available nowadays in the market and which also can be developed in-house. The usage of the systems can be learned while undergoing human resources certificate. The storage and the retrieval of the details- such as address, the professional certifications they have completed, and identification- can be done in the electronic format for easy accessibility. This eliminates the need of maintenance of thousands of files freeing up the office space. Moreover, an HR professional need not open hundreds of files before he/she can gain access to the exact information he/she is searching for. The aggregation of data at one place makes easy the analysis of data because of the centralized data location.

Training: The employees have the option of accessing the tutorial and videos classes of the training and on boarding programs from almost anywhere in the world. There is no need for employees to meet the trainers, attend classes face to face, and gain professional certifications. These days, employers make the arrangements for special chat sessions where instructors can be reached in case the employees have any doubts for successful completion of the professional certifications.

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