How to Kill Competition in the Crowded App Industry

Crowded App Industry

Going Mobile, the concept that has changed the traditional marketing and promotional method by 180 degrees, continues to see a rise in new entrants every passing hour. Every company that wishes to be at its customers’ fingertips while witnessing a manifold growth in its users base, is today in mobile mode. Now because the first thing that any company wants is to get imprinted in the minds of the prospective customers and the present ones, having a mobile app has become an agenda for every company, globally. This growing need…

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Ways to Make Your Children Safe on the Go


Today, the moment your child turns 16 he or she is itching to get behind the wheels of their fancy new car they have dreamed about receiving on their birthday like forever. While the soon-to-be sixteen year olds can’t wait for that very special day to arrive, their parents dread it in spades. And this feeling of dread is quite valid too. With road accidents becoming the primary reason of teenage deaths around the world, parents worry greatly about the fate of their children the moment they leave home. Whether…

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Internet Marketing and the Best Online Entrepreneurship Programs

Best Online Entrepreneurship Programs

Wow! I was searching for the best online entrepreneurship programs looking for other ways to earn money from the internet and I can’t believe that the search engines kept on talking about MBA degrees and featured colleges and universities worldwide that offer such courses! Where in the world is internet marketing? I would really like you to know that internet marketing is firmly one of the best online entrepreneurship programs. And I’m not talking about the process of internet marketing or the many products you can sell (and probably have…

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New Developer? Sometimes Tutorials Don’t Cut It

New Developer

Learning a new programming language is difficult enough as it is. Especially if you’re a first timer and aren’t familiar with programming syntax and such. Whilst the Internet is a wealth of information and is a great resource for would be developers, you have to know two things, where to look and what to search for. Without that insight you’ll be looking for a needle in a haystack. This article is going to cover some of the resources out there which you might not consider if your regular search procedure…

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Office Mobile Apps for Chromebooks, by Microsoft

Office Mobile App

A mobile app is available for almost everything we want and love to use them. Every now and then there is an updated version released onthe app with added features. It is not only the mobile apps which are getting updated frequently. Even, the Operating System (OS) do get updated frequently; it is just that each one is owned by different companies. Chromebook has recently updated its operating system and it has the access to the Android apps. This fall, Google will be launching “Chromebooks” with access to the apps…

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