A New Chat Tool that Breaks All Barriers


For those of you who like messaging on the go, CometChat is the perfect tool to enable this feature. It allows users to make conferences, share their screen, play games, and send files — all on the same site, desktop, or mobile. The biggest advantage is that the cost to the user is single time, but the tool runs on any server. It also enables users to communicate with each other regardless of different platform. Being a jQuery chat software, it runs on just about any platform, from the latest…

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Tips to choose a good Mobile App development Company

Mobile App

With technology now squeezing in hands in a shape of a mobile phone, buying a product or service has become quite easy and convenient today. Kudos! To all the mobile application development team behind these apps who makes our life easier. Today you can’t think of a mobile phone without an app and hence these mobile apps play a very important role in promoting the business. Even companies today understand the importance of having a mobile app development company which will provide value to the customers. But, just getting an…

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How to Bedazzle Your Cellular phone

Cellular phone

Everybody is linkeded on to their cell phones nowadays. A cellular phone is something quite near to us, something extremely personal. So why not customize it too? Glamorize your phone making it stand out from the remainder of the crowd. Everyone has a cellular phone nowadays; and everybody is very deeply connected to it. The problem with the fact that everybody has a cell phone is – well, everyone has a cell phone. Our phones are going to be a lot like those of various other individuals. Every person who…

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