What Makes Dedicated Server Hosting an Excellent Alternative for Businesses?

Dedicated Server Hosting

In dedicated server hosting, a single physical server is dedicated exclusively for use by one organization which rents it. This implies that the resources belonging to that server like the disk space, RAM, CPU and bandwidth will be enjoyed by the organization. Dedicated server hosting is most beneficial for websites which receive a lot of web traffic such as the e-commerce sites. These enterprises enjoy complete access to the server and are free to configure its settings to suit their business needs. Unlike shared hosting, in dedicated server hosting, the…

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Rescue Your System against Virus Attacks via Online Computer Support. online computer support, online pc support

System against Virus Attacks

Everyone has foreboding about being the recipient of a PC virus, but not all mind to learn about them. There are researchers who spend most of their time finding out various types of computer viruses and associated security intimidations in order to gain better understanding about how these are encoded, how they do create havoc, and multiply. Frankly speaking, I do find this domain quite intriguing, and enjoy knowing about the different types of viruses to keep my system free from them. But even if you don’t know much about…

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Most Anticipated Game Apps of 2016

Game Apps

2016 is set to be an exciting year for gamers, and it’s no different for those who prefer playing on mobile apps. Now, more than ever-before, the gap between console and device gaming is closer than ever, with gaming giants putting equally as much focus on their smartphone releases as everything else. Plus, with the open-platform app development of the Android store and the fast-growing variety of iOS downloads, the market is being flooding with exciting new action-filled game apps as well as much anticipated revamps and sequels of classic…

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Lenovo Vibe S1 vs Xiaomi Mi 4: Mid-range devices from China

Lenovo Vibe

Xiaomi’s Mi 4 smartphone is one of the best flagship offerings on the market at the moment. Lenovo, which is one of the biggest competitors of Xiaomi in China has been competing with the company in last couple of years in the smartphone segment. The Lenovo Vibe S1 is the brand’s latest offering in the mid-range segment to go against the likes of the Xiaomi Mi 4. They both offer quite a few similar specifications, and are priced in the almost same segment. If you are looking to purchase a…

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Cloud Hosting: The Non Technical Perspective

Cloud Hosting

Well, cloud hosting or cloud computing is almost everywhere. It has become one of the most popular concepts to be around in this digital age. Every modern organization is warming up to it and how. However, if you aren’t particularly tech savvy, the concept could prove to be confusing. After all, there are so many jargons to deal with, and with new ones being added to the list, the process of understanding only becomes more and more difficult with every passing day. What if you do not know what encryption,…

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