Ways to Make Your Children Safe on the Go


Today, the moment your child turns 16 he or she is itching to get behind the wheels of their fancy new car they have dreamed about receiving on their birthday like forever. While the soon-to-be sixteen year olds can’t wait for that very special day to arrive, their parents dread it in spades. And this feeling of dread is quite valid too. With road accidents becoming the primary reason of teenage deaths around the world, parents worry greatly about the fate of their children the moment they leave home. Whether they are in the company of an adult driving the vehicle like a bus or a taxi driver or they are the ones driving the vehicle, both of them are of great concerns to the parents, especially if are driving themselves and they have just started doing so. Why? Well because teenagers happen to live a very active social life and they do not think much about texting and driving and do not pay much attention to it even though it has the potential to be life threatening.

In such situations, spy applications are of great help in providing parents the much needed peace of mind. Using the various features it offers, they can not only keep a virtual eye on their child but also get the much needed peace of mind the crave. A few of these helpful features are:

  • GPS Trackers

One of the most beneficial features of spy applications like; TheOneSpy App is the provision of real time location of the target device to the user. Since teens carry their cell phone with themselves wherever they go, installing spy applications onto them will give you a 20 on your child’s 20 anytime that you desire. Not only will you be able to locate them but such information can also help you out in case of an emergency and locate your child. This information can help keep things like abduction at bay.

  • Remote Inaccessibility to Network Services

Another very beneficial yet not really known feature of spy apps that apps like TheOneSpy offers is providing the user the ability to remotely block the target device’s access to the network services. This way when your child is driving, he or she would not be distracted from it by a call or a random text or a Facebook notification. Since this feature can be accessed remotely you can turn the services back on once your teen reaches his or her destination. It is a great feature that gives concerned parents lots of control over the target device. Similarly, this feature can also be used to limit your child’s internet usage by turning network blocking feature back on when your child is using the device when he or she shouldn’t.

  • Geo-Fencing

Geo-Fencing is a feature that allows you to place digital barriers around your child. Using this feature, you can not only track the movement of your child but also put fences on their movement. It is much like a virtual curfew placed on your child. This way if you have fenced his limits around the area of his school, the moment he steps out of it spy application will notify you of such indiscretions immediately.

  • Call & Message Alert

Another way that wasn’t really made to keep your child safe on the go but can be incredibly helpful in the matter is call and message alerts. Many spy applications that parents use to keep an eye on their children’s mobile activity provide them with real-time logs and notifications that alert them the moment the target device receives a call or a text from someone or send them to someone. This method can also be useful when the owner of the target device in driving or is engaged in an activity where a text message or a call could turn out to be a fatal distraction. In such situations, the best thing to do would be to kill the network services being accessed by the target device to cut off their line of communication until you deem it to be fit.

The Bottom Line

Since you are raising your children in a world that has turned into a global village with the virtual lack of distance technology has provided, you need to understand that your child will delve into the world headfirst and nothing you could do or say is going to make them stop. Therefore, you need to make technology in the form of monitoring apps your weapon to keep your child safe and out of harm’s way whenever they are on the go. Whether you succeed in doing so is entirely another question but you need to at least try, since it happens to be your responsibility as a parent to look after your little ones.

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