Verify Your WordPress Site on Pinterest (Step by Step)

Verify Your WordPress Site on Pinterest

Have you ever tried to verify your WordPress site on Pinterest? It looks very complicated to verifying website on Pinterest because it will unlock some features. But there are many benefits and it doesn’t have to be hard at all! If you are adding your account with Pinterest, you will get access to valuable business features. For example, you gain access to deeper analytics both on Pinterest and your website logo will be on all pins from your site, it prompts users to visit your page.

Reason Of Verifying WordPress Site On Pinterest

There are so many social media sites are available in today’s word Pinterest is one of them and it is the most popular social media platform to share photos, videos, and other visual content. You can create an account and manage your images in it like Instagram or Linkedin.

In it, other users also can collect websites, links, and other visual content by creating boards.

For photography website or any other type of blog with images and videos Pinterest an important source of traffic.  

By verifying your website through Pinterest you can learn more about your visitors using Pinterest analytics. You can also participate in their ad program and plan to grow your Pinterest traffic.  

Let’s see how to easily verify your WordPress site on Pinterest.

Ways to go through Pinterest website verification

There are mainly three important ways to verify your website through Pinterest which we are going to discuss below.

  1. Update the meta tag on your site;
  2. Upload an HTML file; or
  3. Add verification through a host.

It is the best part that when you are Verifying your website on pinterest it doesn’t take any professional developer.

Steps Of Website Verification On Pinterest By Updating Meta Tag

  • Firstly go to your Pinterest Profile and click on the edit button.
  • After that go to “confirm website” button and click on it.

Verify Your WordPress Site on Pinterest

  • Copy the code

Verify Your WordPress Site on Pinterest

  • Add the code to your website’s <head>

       Sometimes it seems like things get complicated. But don’t be panic- its is not tough as it sounds! In your website management system (CMS), look for index.html where you can edit the code of your website. You will confirm that you have found it when things look like this.

Verify Your WordPress Site on Pinterest
In this area you can add code from Pinterest under <head> section.

Save those changes.

  • Click “Finish” on Pinterest

Steps Of Verification websites On Pinterest By Uploading HTML file to your website

    • Edit your profile and open up the “Confirm Website” Dialog box.
    • Click on “Download This File” :once the file is downloaded, it is very important that do not rename the file.
    • Upload the file to the root server: public_html, www, or wwwroot are common root server.
  • Click “Finish” back on Pinterest

Pinterest verification Through Website Host

It can be easily done by many hosts. At present there are total nineteen hosts with instructions on how to verify your website on Pinterest. But here we are discusses only some most popular like WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger.


Here we are going to discusses steps of verifying your wordpress site on pinterest.

  • Firstly you have to download the plugin “Pinterest Verify.”
  • Using the given instruction copy the “content” section of meta tag.

Verify Your WordPress Site on Pinterest

    • After that login to your WordPress dashboard.
  • In setting section go to “Pinterest Verify.”
  • For the confirmation paste the content part of meta tag into “Pinterest site confirmation” and save it.


  • At the last step click “Finish back on pinterest.”

Tumblr-meta tag

Steps of verifying your Tumblr blog on pinterest.

    • By using above method firstly copy the metadata from Pinterest.
  • Now log in to your Tumblr page and go to setting section.
    • Scroll the edit theme.
  • Now click on “Edit HTML.”

Then paste metadata into <head> and save.

  • Click finish back into pinterest.

Steps to verifying your blogger site on Pinterest  

  • Using the above method  copy the metadata from Pinterest.
  • Now login to your Blogger account and go to “Template” and select “Edit HTML.”
  • Paste meta tag into <head> section.

Verify Your WordPress Site on Pinterest

  • Click “Finish” back into Pinterest.

After the above discussion we can say that your website verification is not to tough. Now you can easily verify your website with the help of this article.

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