Tips For Successful Mobile App Engagements

Mobile App Engagements

Mobile apps are such that they provide the brands incorporating them with limitless ways and potential to enthral and engage customers like never before. Provided the methodologies are followed carefully, the business of the brands and enterprises are augmented greatly and it creates more users for the enterprise. Typically the users apart from requesting customized and related experiences also demand that the aforementioned experiences are carried out via the mobile apps.

Statistics reveal that a figure of more than 60 % (more than 400,000) of the 2 million apps which are present in the Apple App Store are such that they have not been downloaded and installed even once.

Another analysis conducted on Google Play Store by researching a figure of more than 125 million downloaded mobile apps reveals that the typical app in a span of three days after the installation of the app sees a reduction of over 77 % of the app users. Also, nearly 90 % of app users cease usage of an app after a month. Typically only 5 users on an average continue to use the mobile app. Further, only 26 % of the mobile apps are manipulated only once.

Typically mobile apps broaden and provide a plethora of options and guidelines to promote and intensify user engagement. This, however, is feasible when the apps are being used by the customers. The parameters which lead to users typically being uninterested in the app and discarding it encompass the follows

  1. Inconsequential worth associated with web experiences above and beyond it
  2. Unconnected and immaterial messaging which prove no worth.
  3. The crashes, lags, hangings and such related aspects of the mobile app which affects the app promoting insecurity and vulnerability.

The brand’s worth and value which cant be availed fro any other sources can be generated via mobile apps. However, the best impression and experience can be delivered only in the first attempt/ venture.

Valued much is the aspect of revamping and tweaking the app as the present worldly-wise and enlightened user base can easily attain the mobile moments which are very much in demand. The users are kept involved by implementing the apt message at the correct time and place.

The mobile app store provides the brand with guidelines for promoting success to all the other domains where the users who are accessing the app as a free trail can be transformed into loyal subscribers and ultimately leads to renewal. They serve as an effective tool in augmenting the user experience as well. Related to the usage of the mobile app, the brand can carry out cross-promotion and integrate it with the desktop as well.

The importance of a brand’s mobile app to be worth engaging the users

Related to an enterprise, an effective mobile app supplies intricate and provisional perception and discernment related to the app users. Also, it augments sales and more engagement features associated with the app. It ultimately leads to being a robust channel of connection between the brand and its users.

Provided for the brand Adobe, the brand has seen an evolution from the typical box-software enterprise into a subscription base and finally as mobile apps catering to the users. Developing engaging and brand new models related to the mobile software has resulted in the revealing of great channels to augment the user experience, more income generation and implementing proper review and feedback paths and implementations for the users of the brand.

Designing Mobile Apps related to the structure of best practices

Most of the brands are benefitting and thriving a lot by imbibing the good aspects which mobile apps provide. One such instance is that of Saint-Gobain distribution which is a formidable and well-established supplier of construction materials and tools globally. They have designed powerful mobile apps which augment the user experience associated with the users. This has been attributed thanks to the implementation of several best practices.

1. Intense evaluation of the brand’s user

A good comprehension of the user’s requirements and their experiences have to be done at every point of contact and means of communication. Overlooking this wont result in a good app experience.

2.Making users recollect main data regarding the brand’s app

Provided the step to download the app has been crossed, next, the users have to be inculcated with the information regarding availing the app, implementing it, availing extra attributes and other such data which will make the users utilize the best and most out of the app.

3.Imbibing the customers with the relevancy of Push Notification

The brand should make the users aware regarding the benefits and advantages with relation to push-notifications prior to making them sign up to get such notifications in the first place.

4. Comprehending the mobile platforms

Taking the aspect of push notification request which is generated by an app from the iOS system, typically the users will be displayed by a pop-up message which asks for authorization. Provided the user replies in the negative, this will stop subsequent alerts. The Saint-Gobain professionals developed the mobile app such that it will initially ask permission from the users with regards to embracing push notifications. For the users who answered in the positive, the operating system would warm up with the display of an iOS notice. For the users who replied in the negative, they were directed to a different channel where there was no presence of the Operating System. Such users would once again be provided with another option in the future.

5. Availing In-App Messaging

This aspect inculcates the users and make them aware of the fact that there is more beyond the exploitation of the phone other than just messaging and carrying out analysis.

6. Exploiting the benefits of Sensors in the various Mobile Devices

Domination and control of the sensors should be done which are a typical aspect of mobile products particularly phones.

7. Assimilation of the Revolutionary and novel Beacon Technology

The application of Beacon technology with respect to the brands and their users possess infinite potentials and applications. At present only a bunch of some brands are making use of this technology. Availing this technology will surely lead the brands incorporating it to the leading position in the competitive market.

8. The brand’s app must reassure that the brand takes the users into account

Thanks to Mobile apps, the user’s views and opinions regarding the specific brand are altered. Further smooth-flowing and robust experiences are generated at the apt place and the right time. The brand must carry forth self-analysis and evaluation of its apps. There is still a lot of undertakings to be accomplished if the users are not still satisfied with the app and feel that the app has not comprehended the user’s needs and requirements.

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