Recruitment Tests for Company Appointments from Software Companies

Recruitment Tests

When an organisation needs people for its workforce they look to their HR department to get them the needed people. The HR section will arrange for the advertisement to call the candidates and then begin the screening process. This will take a long time if there are thousands of candidates.

Pre-designed test modules

The way forward is to use the question bank from the software companies who design the tests to screen candidates. For instance, they have tests for each subject such as Management, Accountancy, Front Office, Skilled Workers, and much more. The organisations that need to recruit the workers will buy the question banks and then add some questions of their own. This will make the tests unique. The MS excel assessment test candidates in various aspects of using the MS excel workbook.

This test will find out the fluency of the candidate in the separate sections of the MS Excel sheet. First, they start with the Formatting section. Here they check whether the candidate is able work with the Borders and bring it to the desired size, type, and colour. They will see the same thing in the columns. Then they will ask the candidate to modify the paper size.

Deeper testing for candidates

Once this portion is done, they will be asked question related to editing. This will test their skills in Inserting rows or changing the position of the rows, or shifting the columns to another place. They must Find and Replace items in the sheet. This is very important and if one can do this fast, they will save enormous amount of time during the work hours.

Next is the Functions section where the candidate must work with the built-in functions and come up with the answers. This will involve inserting values, doing the autosum, and all such activities. Once this is tested, the candidates move on to the Tools sections. Here, they will be asked to protect the cells, use ranges, and more. They should know how to zoom in and zoom out.

Choose from the question banks

Organisations can get their Microsoft excel skills assessment tests from the software company. They have a variety of question banks with differing levels of expertise. So, if you only want bare familiarity without any in-depth knowledge, then you must choose the Beginner level of skill MS Excel skill test. If you need someone who can operate smoothly and flawlessly, then you must choose the Expert Level of MS Excel skill test.

The candidates will be tested in more things like handling Charts and Graphs. The software company will then assess the answers and send the report. You can request for a detailed analysis of the scores or just ask for the list of the candidates who passed the test. You can modify the request and ask for those who scored at least 85% correct answers.

Use of the screening tests will help you in reducing the time needed to interview the candidates. It helps you avoid making costly mis-hires, and this will save the organisation plenty of money.

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