Why People Should Download Spotify


Spotify is a great app because it offers flexibility and ease of use. It’s a well built and well-supported app that made it a very stable app to date. It’s simply the best and people have grown the liking to it. The getting to know phase with this App was already over a few years ago and now at present day it’s already part of many people’s lives regardless if it’s a paid subscription or not.

We are already done in getting to know with Spotify and because there’s no fee, many have already downloaded this app and so should you. If you wish to download Spotify free then you should definitely try because you got nothing to lose really. Why do you need it?

Offline features: This is the flexibility that people wanted; people loved YouTube when it added a watch later feature and when they had this download option for offline use people loved YouTube even more. Of course, not all videos can be downloaded but if it was then you can download it and watch it later during the day.  Great also in times where you need to conserve your battery and when no internet connection is available. Spotify has this too the only difference is that it’s music (duh!) and all music can be downloaded.

Playlist selections: With many playlist selections, more than the usual you can be sure that you will have the perfect playlist for you no matter where you are, no matter what the day, the things that you want to remember and what you want to feel. They got it for you compiled in a playlist. Pretty convenient really and it can’t get any better than that.

Wide selection of songs: From new, to old, OST, classics, rock, metal, rap, pop, jazz, blues, soul, alternative, techno, disco to anything else in between and much more. You can surely find what you are looking for. Their playlists are always updated so you can be sure that you can get the best songs and updated ones too!

Hours and hours of fun: it’s all you need really since it has all you need from a music app what more can you ask for? It has been relentless in its pursuit to be the best and now they sit at the top of the iron throne (pretty cool game of thrones reference huh!). If you are stuck in your music player app that always has been doing the same old thing and no updates for years now, try Spotify and you will realize how much things you have missed. You may even have been too busy that you never realized that your favorite band already had a new album that came out six months ago and only in Spotify that you were able to hear it and downloadable too!

With this kind of offering Spotify has proven to be something more than just an app for music. It’s a lifestyle that people has already adopted for years now. Their concept is nothing new, there are several apps out there that almost have the same function and even has more options on their free version. But what Spotify have versus their competition is perfecting the functionality of the app, better marketing and more selections of preferences to music.

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