Why Mobile Apps may become More Important than Websites in Business

Mobile Apps

Adoption of new technologies and business evolution are necessary for any business to successes. Businesses must keep themselves update their business with growing trends.

According to Comscore mobile now represents 65% of all digital media time , with mobile apps dominating the usage.

If you are a small business owner and your business doesn’t have a mobile presence , you definitely need one.  Having just a web presence is not sufficient and mobile tech and mobile commerce are growing rapidly outpacing the web.

Mobile apps have become an important marketing tool for the businesses.

Over the last few years, mobile tech has grown. Mobile devices are now becoming the focal point of the Businesses.

Technology is advancing rapid and small and medium business needs to adapt quickly to the changes otherwise they can become irrelevant very soon.  Customers find new products / services on their smart phones and ta


Mobile App Helps to Build Brand

For many companies, mobile apps are becoming a focal point of their digital strategy. We need to focus on the digital aspects of the business. A study by Indiana University suggests that Mobile apps have a positive impact on consumers. If Mobile apps increase utility in people’s lives then they are more likely to use it again and again.

Expand Traditional Web Experience

Mobiles apps extend your overall reach to your customers.  The app gives your customer the mobility to do the same things as they would traditionally have done sitting at their desktop computers but on their smart phone. There are many examples of online retailers who extend their offering to customers on the mobile app.

 Business Promotion

You can monetize your mobile app. One of the most popular means to monetize apps are discount coupons, push notifications, reward points and much more. For example, an apparel store owner in downtown Los Angeles with thousands of people walking within two mile radius of the outlet, If they were to get a notification on their smartphone about offers & discount coupons , he can expect to increase footfall in the store.

Drives Customer Engagement

Mobile Apps are increasingly becoming leading aspect of digital strategy for companies. Apps are the newest medium that companies are using to reach directly to customers and market their brand. Companies are using mobile apps to drive customer engagement by offering app only discount, contents, and much more. For example leading, eCommerce companies like Amazon and eBay offer more discount if you purchase through the app.

As companies continue to extend their reach mobile apps are emerging as an effective marketing tool.

Empowering Workers with Apps

Mobile apps can also help you streamline your business process. Custom enterprise apps are built with user specific role in mind. The development team that builds effective apps often involves themselves directly in the day to day business process of the client to better understand their business.  The overall efficiency of the business can be improved with Mobile apps.

 Customer Support

Mobile apps make it simpler and efficient for your customers to contact you. If you offer your customer  an app that makes their life easier while using your products or services then they are likely to use it frequently. It also smoothes business process and saves lots of time.


It is important to think creatively to capture your customer’s attention and enhance your offering via mobile apps.

If you can make life easier for your customers with improving the process you will certainly reap the results you have expected.

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