How to Kill Competition in the Crowded App Industry

Crowded App Industry

Going Mobile, the concept that has changed the traditional marketing and promotional method by 180 degrees, continues to see a rise in new entrants every passing hour. Every company that wishes to be at its customers’ fingertips while witnessing a manifold growth in its users base, is today in mobile mode. Now because the first thing that any company wants is to get imprinted in the minds of the prospective customers and the present ones, having a mobile app has become an agenda for every company, globally.

This growing need to be on mobile has brought with itself a surge in competition, more than ever before, making it difficult for a particular brand to remain on top. There is no other way for a brand to become and then remain popular in the mobile domain besides – keeping its competitors at bay.

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The journey to reach a stage where you offer your mobile app services in a competitor-less world starts with knowing what sets you apart.  So begin here –

What separates your app from those developed by your competitors? – Focus on the good.

Note the features that make the experience easy and smooth for the users. Find out the ones that they would not exchange the world for. It can be anything – the smooth transition, font size that you have used, placement of tabs, or even the binding content.

Now that you know what sets you apart, see who your competitors are – Here, find out both your direct and indirect competitors.

Direct would be the ones who are offering apps that are similar to your genre’s to your target customer group. Indirect would either offer the same app to a different customer group or would offer a similar app but to different user demographic.

Once you have self and competition’s analysis ready with you, below are the ways of how you can defeat your competitors, for good. To ensure the total fall of your competitor, shove your roots deeper into the game from all sides – Development, Marketing, and User Perspective.

Crowded App Industry


 Re-develop your app like never seen before

  • Re work on your app

Open the app store and read reviews of the competitors’ app. Then note all the things they lack from the comments. It could be slow speed, changed interface, or even something as insignificant sounding like bad image collection in the gallery. Add your competitor’s weaknesses in your to-do list. Work on every single thing that your competition’s users are missing and give them in yours.

  • Know what makes you money and have it in your app

If you are present on both web and app, make sure that the page that gets you maximum traffic on web is on your app version too. Give your users a wholesome web AND mobile experience.

Make it hard for the customers to find a fault

  • Find out the most used feature and offer them for free or on trial.

If like Candy Crush, you are used to making the gamers pay for 5 extra lives, stop; make them see an ad for 2 free lives instead. Or if you restrict reading the whole case study without subscribing to your app, let them download it and much more by offering them free download trial.

Crowded App Industry


  • Make your users’ life easier.

Your first preference should be to make it easy for the users to navigate through your app. But, when you find that some of your users are not able to get their head around a particular feature, make a step by step blog for them, before they move on.

Market your app to the top of the leaderboard

  • Show what makes you different

Without over advertising, show how you offer everything that your competitors’ don’t. Describe your USPs on every social media platform that you are working on, on the app description section, and also on the newsletters and website. While blowing your trumpet, ensure that you don’t highlight your competition’s shortcomings.

  • Optimize your app’s description or even name, if needed

App optimization is the new Search Engine Optimization. Let’s be honest, there are many like you – in terms of service and the target consumer demographics; and with new apps coming up every second day, the guaranteed way to ensure that you remain on the top is by getting your app optimized.

Do everything that would help optimize your app, even if it leads to changing your app name.

The ways mentioned above, if followed as a regular practice, will make your brand rule the leaderboard for a longer duration. But while we are at plotting ways to eradicate competition as a whole, let us hold down for a moment and ponder – is it really necessary to remove all competitors from the market? Aren’t we better off with them?

 Crowded App Industry


As opposed to what we believe, there are many factors that advocate why having competition is good.

It not just helps us offer real value to our users but are also a free repository of real life case studies all the while keeping us on our toes to innovate constantly and never hit stagnancy.

So, let the competition be, don’t worry about them, as long as you are one of the best mobile app development company as there can be; Also, as long as you are on the top.

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Tripti Rai, presently associated with ChromeInfotech Technologies, a leading mobile app development company, has been writing on both technical and non-technical aspects of the world for the last three years.

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