How to Convert from YouTube to Facebook

Convert from YouTube to Facebook

In today’s generation, social media has become the platform for people who want to get recognition. It is the easiest to become famous. Not only that but you can spread awareness and reach out to more people through social media platforms. But, Facebook still has better views compared to YouTube. Many people want to post their YouTube videos on Facebook to get more views and connect to the people. You can’t just copy the YouTube link and paste it in Facebook. Then how will you do it? In this post, I am going to give a brief explanation on how to convert your YouTube videos on Facebook.

First thing would be to download the YouTube video and then upload it to your Facebook page. If you want to post the link on the desktop, this is the simplest one. Just put in the name of the video in the search bar. You don’t have to log in to your YouTube account to do it. But, if it is a restricted video then you have to go to your account. Once, you have typed the name you will get the videos. Select the one which you want to post in the Facebook. Click the share button below and click on the Facebook icon. You can get through directly or by using your account. Add in comments or a write up along with the video and lo! Your video will be posted for all the people to see. Simple and hassle-free way to get good views!

If you want to post the link through your mobile, then it is slightly different. Click on the YouTube app and then click on the search button which is on the right-hand corner of the website. Search for the video which you would want to post. It can be anything interesting. Maybe something which will be knowledgeable or to create awareness. Just go through the videos and find the one for you. Click the share button and in that, you will find the Facebook icon among others. Enter into your Facebook account and as you did through your mobile device, make your video even more interesting by writing something about it and post it online.

The final method is a bit tedious to do. When you want to upload a YouTube video to Facebook without redirecting it then, you might face one or more consequences such as lowered video quality, you require a desktop to carry out this process and so on. So, this method might help you in giving a better-quality video. You need to go to your YouTube account and search the video which you would like to post and then copy its address. Paste it into the converter bar where you want to convert your video. Choose the format and quality which you would want the video to be in and then download it. The next step would be to share this video on your Facebook page and add a caption to it.

By this way, converting your YouTube videos Facebook thumbnail, you can gain the popularity through it.

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