The FM transmission has been developing day by day with the evolution of value added services and digital radio broadcasting. RDS and SCA systems are examples of it. FM transmission is done to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of audiences and the emergence of new multimedia form.


Divided into two major areas such as,

  1. Action Area
  2. Production Control Room

Action Area

This area requires large space and ceiling as compared to any other technical area. Action in this area includes staging, lighting performance by artists and arrangement to pick up picture and sound. This place requires large space and coiling as compared to any other technical data. Very efficient air conditioning because of lot of heat dissipation by studio light and presence of large number of persons including invited audience performing artists and operational crew.

It is Uniform and even flooring for smooth operation of camera trollies and microphone etc. Acoustic treatment keeping in mind, that a TV studio is a multipurpose studio with lot of noving persons and equipments during production. Supporting facilities like properties, makeup and wardrobe etc.

  • Digital clock display
  • Audio and video monitoring facilities
  • Pick up wall sockets for audio operation
  • Luminaries and suspension system having grids or patterns
  • Tie lines box for video and audio from control room
  • Cyclorama and curtain tracks for chrome keying and limbo lighting 

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