Essential Qualities of a Successful iOS Apps

iOS Apps

Not all apps are created equal. Basically, there are hundreds of thousands of iOS apps uploaded in the Apple App Store and only less than one percent of these iOS apps become financially successful.  Very few out of these hundreds of thousands apps for Apple devices had standout from the rest, and outshine the competitors. The common scenario among iPhone users is that, they will download a particular iOS app, then use it once or twice and eventually delete the app and never use again. If this happens to your app, then it is doomed for a failure. The success of an app would depend upon the number of people using it, and also the amount of time they spend using the app.

 iOS Apps

What makes the successful iOS app special? Why does it stand out from the rest? What makes an iOS app successful? In developing and marketing a mobile application, there are numerous factors that determine the success or failure of an app. Here’s the list of essential qualities of a successful mobile app developers. If your iOS app has these qualities, the chance of your app to succeed in Apple store is higher, than thousands others apps that are screaming for attention.

1. Consistent performance

Your iOS app should be consistent in its performance, even under the most extreme condition. Most of the top-selling iOS apps are the one that consumes less battery power, use minimum CPU and require less storage.  It should also work regardless the device is connected to internet or not.

Reliability should be the top priority in developing an app. An iOS app that keeps on crashing, however awesome, will be never successful.

2. It has appealing and unique design.

There are hundreds of thousands iOS apps in the apple store, what makes you stand out from the rest? An app should be unique and appealing to look at, so it may catch the attention of users. It is important that you package and brand your app in a recognizable way. Take time to study your competition, is your idea is just a modified copy of their apps? If it is, then don’t expect your app to hit the gold. Make sure that your idea is both unique to stand on its own and appealing enough to entice your target users.

3. It must be compatible to any iOS mobile platform

If you are developing an app intended for iOS devices, it must be compatible to any iOS mobile platform. Although, all Apple mobile devices are using iOS, each of the mobile platforms has its particular features. iPad and iPhone are both using iOS system but each have its own features. Any undistinguishable features that you may add might make your end-user uncomfortable using the app, thus will decrease the popularity quotient of your app.

4. Short loading time

App that takes more than 10 seconds to load is often get deleted by users. As a rule of the thumb, make your loading time under 10 seconds. If your app needs to load large amount of data for start-up, make sure that you have splash screen or loading screen that would tell the user that the start-up process is initializing.

5. It must be fun and memorable.

If the goal of your app is to entertain, then it should be designed to bring fun and excitement to the user. Know what your target audience like. Know what makes them tick, and start from there. Don’t be one of the thousands apps that gets only used once, and then deleted to oblivion. Make an iOS app that leaves a positive impression, that way users will always remember your apps.

The five qualities mentioned above are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are more essential qualities that you need to consider if you want you iOS mobile apps a success. Start with these 5 qualities, and go from there.


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