The E-Bike – A healthy Alternative to Driving to Work


Wherever you look, there are messages about protecting the environment, and using less fuel is actively encouraged in most societies. We went through a stage where people pooled their car resources, but that didn’t really catch on in the UK, as people prefer a degree of independence with their travel, and the arrival of the electric bike has come at a time when people are seeking eco-friendly ways to travel, which makes it even more appealing. What isn’t there to like about the modern e-bike? The lithium battery provides at least 30 miles on full speed settings, and in hybrid mode, you can pedal assist, while for the more energetic, there is always the cycle mode, and with a 7-gear Shimano system, you are riding a very efficient machine.

No More Stress

Regardless of your location or environment, if you live within 20 miles of your workplace, an e-bike is the ideal alternative to driving. Of course, you would need to have a safety helmet and wear the right clothing, but the exercise will be very welcome, and with any hills can be effortlessly navigated with the battery power, giving you the option of when to receive a little help. Traffic jams will become a thing of the past, as you ride in your exclusive bike lane. Fortunately, the UK is very cycle friendly, and all drivers are aware of the cyclist’s presence, so riding to work will not only be quicker, it will also become a highlight of your day, as cycling can become addictive.

Online Suppliers

Now that you are totally convinced than an e-bike is for you, you are probably wondering how you can source such a machine, and with an online retailer, you have everything you could possibly need on a single website. The bikes are state of the art, and come in a range of styles, from the classic British family bicycle, to a modern mountain bike that is very versatile and can deal with most environments. There are, for example, affordable electric bikes in Yorkshire that are excellent for touring or commuting, and these machines are built to last.

Regular Exercise

Once you begin the daily commute, don’t expect, or try, to be quick. Allow yourself plenty of time, and enjoy the experience, and if you are running a little late, slip into throttle mode and you can maintain a speed of 15mph. Any new rider must find their own balance between pedalling and power assisted riding, and by gradually increasing the cycling, your fitness level will also improve. The fresh air will give you a healthy glow to your complexion, and your appetite will reflect the energy you are using, and with no more trips to the petrol station, you really are doing your bit for energy conservation by riding an e-bike to work.

Cycling can be addictive, and before long, the whole family will be pedalling, saving even more of the Earth’s precious resources.


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