The rising demand for online proctored examinations

online proctored examinations

E-Learning is gaining tremendous popularity these days, the global market is now crossing the $100bn mark and is all set to cruise milestones ahead. The quick changing global scenario is leading to change in the entire system and as a result, there is a need for various other supporting technologies. Another area that is rapidly growing is the proctoring space. If it wasn’t for online learning video proctoring would not have gained so much popularity, but given the vastness of the online training programs, the need for such a service…

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How Does A Software Development Company Help Several Businesses

Software Development Company

In a world where technology is being developed and updated at a fast pace, it is essential to keep your business up-to-date. This task can be made easy by employing the services of a reliable software development company that will address the various issues that a business requires to grow with the times. Riding high on the revolution that internet has created, all business sectors have developed their web application. Here are the three most basic applications of software development for any business: Creating customized software Business software has to…

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Recruitment Tests for Company Appointments from Software Companies

Recruitment Tests

When an organisation needs people for its workforce they look to their HR department to get them the needed people. The HR section will arrange for the advertisement to call the candidates and then begin the screening process. This will take a long time if there are thousands of candidates. Pre-designed test modules The way forward is to use the question bank from the software companies who design the tests to screen candidates. For instance, they have tests for each subject such as Management, Accountancy, Front Office, Skilled Workers, and…

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How to find out the Best Web Designing Companies

Web Designing Companies

Nowadays, most of the companies and organizations want to active over the internet and for that purpose, they should have a well-organized website. In a nutshell, the reputation of the organization mostly depends on its website structure, chosen fonts, colors, images and so on. So, today, a web designing service is associated with the high demand from all over the world. Web designing is basically done with two fundamental languages- HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). HTML is used to create web pages that will be viewed…

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A New Chat Tool that Breaks All Barriers


For those of you who like messaging on the go, CometChat is the perfect tool to enable this feature. It allows users to make conferences, share their screen, play games, and send files — all on the same site, desktop, or mobile. The biggest advantage is that the cost to the user is single time, but the tool runs on any server. It also enables users to communicate with each other regardless of different platform. Being a jQuery chat software, it runs on just about any platform, from the latest…

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