The Advent of Virtual Human Resources Management for the HR Professional

Technology has invaded almost every sphere of our life. Human resources management is also not left untouched by the technology and latest advancements. It is slowly transitioning to a profession which is technology based. To understand these technologies, it is essential that an HR has a human resources certificate. Technology makes accessibility of the information easy with the elimination of the manual administrative tasks and allowing the business functions global, and cut costs. Here’s how technology is changing the world of human resources management: E-Recruiting: Information technology (IT) has transformed…

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Whether Surge Pricing Creates a Negative Impact on Uber?


At some point of time it seems to be a better idea for Uber to charge high from the customers and convert them into incentives for the drivers at some critical or dangerous situations, it happens during the flood or any natural disasters or in the situations when there is high demand. There is a great opposition from many people in this act. In most of the organizations an algorithm decides the demand and supply and how the price should change according to that. One of the customer said that,…

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Industrial equipment for Fuel blending and biodiesel production


Every one knows fuel is the important part of human life. Now, due to increase the consumption of fuel, the demand of natural fuel like diesel & petrol increase day by day. But we know natural source of fuel are limited. So to handle this demand or preserve the natural source, we need to look at artificial fuel like biodiesel. Biodiesel is also a fuel like diesel fuel and it’s manufactured from vegetable oils, animal fats, or recycled hotels and restaurant greases etc. It’s safe and produce less monoxide of carbon than natural…

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Product review of Gearbest

iPhone 6S

Gearbest has a wide range of the cool stuff across a variety of categories. It is a kind of all-in-one store where you can look for products ranging from electronics to utilities to clothing and home and garden tools. Let us take a look at one of its product that is something amazing that Gearbest has – Rock Bluetooth Selfie Stick. Quite often, you want to take a pic from a different angle and you want to capture a lot of details. This Rock Bluetooth Selfie Stick does a fabulous…

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Best Smartphones under 6000 with Stunning Features!


Finding a good smartphone is nothing short of a miracle these days. The variety is endless and almost every second week the market is bombarded with a new phone. However, if you’re looking for a good smartphone which will perform all the functions at a good cost, you need not dish out the big bucks and you can check out ebay coupons making it possible to find great smartphones at lower prices too. Check out these amazing smartphones that come under 6000 making them extremely economical and they are packed…

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