Android Studio 3.0 Features

android app development company

In today’s world, mobile applications have turned into the prime need of individuals and mobile innovation is ruling everybody’s life. The greater part of them favors Android platform mobiles as there are an expansive number of extraordinary and imaginative Android applications built at the most reasonable pricing. Google at its I/O 2017 developer conference, disclosed Android Studio 3.0, the most recent version of its integrated development environment (IDE). The new version Android Studio 3.0 for Windows, Mac, and Linux now directly is downloaded. The feature in Android Studio is centered…

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Why People Should Download Spotify


Spotify is a great app because it offers flexibility and ease of use. It’s a well built and well-supported app that made it a very stable app to date. It’s simply the best and people have grown the liking to it. The getting to know phase with this App was already over a few years ago and now at present day it’s already part of many people’s lives regardless if it’s a paid subscription or not. We are already done in getting to know with Spotify and because there’s no…

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A Closer Look at the Advantages and Disadvantages of Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Platform Mobile Development

Starting from Nokia keypad mobiles (or should we say “the apes of smartphones”), the mobile revolution has started taking a turn towards various simple and complex mobile apps. From apes to apps, the journey of the mobile device industry has witnessed a number of grainy and huge changes. And the changes still continue; in fact, it does so at a greater pace. Today, the question put to enterprises and online businesses is not whether you should build your mobile app. The question is whether or not to go for cross-platform…

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The Best 5 Mobile Shopping Apps

Mobile Shopping Apps

One cannot live a day without their smartphones and there are reasons why they cannot. From checking the latest world and national news to getting the milk delivered right at the door step, from comparing the prices of products to reading an interpretation of dream, there are so many productive uses of a smartphone. So, in a nutshell, these smartphones not only help us to remain connected and entertained but also help us save some money with various apps. Installing some of the shopping apps would really save your time…

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Tips For Successful Mobile App Engagements

Mobile App Engagements

Mobile apps are such that they provide the brands incorporating them with limitless ways and potential to enthral and engage customers like never before. Provided the methodologies are followed carefully, the business of the brands and enterprises are augmented greatly and it creates more users for the enterprise. Typically the users apart from requesting customized and related experiences also demand that the aforementioned experiences are carried out via the mobile apps. Statistics reveal that a figure of more than 60 % (more than 400,000) of the 2 million apps which…

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