How carefully have you planned your mobile app strategy?

mobile app strategy

Mobile apps have found itself in the marketing strategy of industries falling into all domains. The reasons are familiar and renowned – from bringing an app to the fingertip of the masses to being the least expensive mode of putting the words out. With mobile apps becoming the talk of the town, it has become an indispensable part of promotion strategy.

For a company to have an easy widespread reach, it is important that they have a sound mobile app strategy in place.  Now, whether you are developing the app yourself or are looking to hire IPhone app developers or those dealing in Android development, you ought to know what you want to achieve at the back of going mobile.

mobile app strategy

In this article, we will talk about the various factors that goes into the making of a sound mobile strategy. Here it goes…

*for the sake of this article, we are going to assume that you know which platform you want your app on and have decided that having an app is a done deal.

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1. Shortlist the features that you want to offer

While it is common for companies to offer a series of features to their users with the hope to become the one stop shop for all their needs, refrain from doing this. Give them what and how much they need.

Here, a thorough competitive analysis and a detailed study of its comment section comes in very handy. The sections will tell you exactly what your target group needs out of the app and what they expect.

2. Set plan for improvement

You need to set a plan for the updates that you will be doing in terms of frequency, size, and additions. While it is common for some gaming apps to update frequently updates in apps like Uber or Facebook is not that frequent.

So the improvements should depend on the category of your app. However, before you finalize an update, do a forecast analysis of whether your users would even like it.

3. App revenue

It will be beneficial for the business if you incorporate some app revenue model in the strategy too. A quick search will get you results like Advertisement and Sales as the forms of generating revenues for your app. It will depend on your funding ability and overall strategy on what mode you should choose.

The reason it helps to have an app revenue model ready by your side is to help you make money while making yourself visible to the masses.

4. App promotion

All effort that you have taken on making an ideal app strategy can go to a waste if you don’t promote it right. The success of your app directly lies on making your app reach the masses.

It is unquestionable that you should have a budget separated for just this purpose. The aim is to get your app on every platform your users frequents.

5. Make it yourself or hire a company

A lot many things change at the back of this one question. If doing it yourself, you will need a separate team and would need to allocate resource and hire or train existing tech team to make an app. If you decide to hire an iPhone app development company or an android one, you will have to consider other things – funds, time that you can allow for them to work on the app, and establishing the mode of constant communication.

So, add this point as a major part of your mobile app strategy.

Now that you know what all points that you need to add on in your strategy, it’s time you go about creating one. At this point, you again have a choice – whether you want to formulate the strategy yourself or give the responsibility to a team who would be developing your mobile app.


Tripti writes for ChromeInfotech, a leading mobile app development company. After having written for real estate, career, and relationships, she is now looking to understand the nitty gritty of the world’s fastest evolving industry


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