Increase your Notification’s engagement rate with Emojis

Notification engagement rate Emojis

Emojis–the little button like pins with expressions ranging from happiness to sadness and from rage to boredom and everything else in between. With an increase in the usage of emoticons to help put a point across, the world has moved on from expressions to buildings, food items, animals, and even time, amongst various other things. Now while it has established its coolness when shared with friends, emojis are now holding a part in the business world as well. With its usage rising by 163 percent and the library being increased…

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What To Choose For Startup – iOS Or Android?

iOS Or Android

Globally, Google and Apple are two leading tech giants, but still, there is a plenty of debate on which operating system has the upper hand. Before starting any mobile app development company, first, you require to understand the advantage of an Android app or iOS app and then understand the certain feature under other parameters. This approach will definitely help to get the conclusion whether they choose Android or iOS app development for their startup. In order to make right choice here in this blog, we make some in-depth analysis…

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Lasting Benefits of Colocation centre

Colocation centre

Colocation centre or simply colo is a datacentre where bandwidth, space and equipment are available for retail and rental customers. “Carrier hotels” is another term whereas the facility supports space, power, storage, cooling, networking equipment and physical server security for company-owned servers kept within the premises. Besides this, connection between a variety of telecommunication and network service vendors with minimum cost and complexity is another feature. The benefits Since its evolution, colocation has been a preferred options for businesses with midsize IT requirement especially those serving computing and internet relevant…

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Essential Qualities of a Successful iOS Apps

iOS Apps

Not all apps are created equal. Basically, there are hundreds of thousands of iOS apps uploaded in the Apple App Store and only less than one percent of these iOS apps become financially successful.  Very few out of these hundreds of thousands apps for Apple devices had standout from the rest, and outshine the competitors. The common scenario among iPhone users is that, they will download a particular iOS app, then use it once or twice and eventually delete the app and never use again. If this happens to your…

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How carefully have you planned your mobile app strategy?

mobile app strategy

Mobile apps have found itself in the marketing strategy of industries falling into all domains. The reasons are familiar and renowned – from bringing an app to the fingertip of the masses to being the least expensive mode of putting the words out. With mobile apps becoming the talk of the town, it has become an indispensable part of promotion strategy. For a company to have an easy widespread reach, it is important that they have a sound mobile app strategy in place.  Now, whether you are developing the app…

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