8 Tips On How To Improve Your Mobile Traffic

How To Improve Your Mobile Traffic

Mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic in the last 3 years, but it’s only recently when most websites have decided to improve their interface to be more mobile-friendly. With more and more websites trying to outdo their competitors with SEO in Washington DC, it may be tougher to prioritize the most important things when it comes to mobile traffic improvement.

Below are some of the best tips that you should keep in your strategies when you want to improve your mobile traffic.

  1. Test your website

Most websites created in the last 4 years would be tagged as responsive. This may mean that the website looks okay-ish on mobile, but that doesn’t mean that it’s optimized. There are many tools online to test if it is optimized for mobile viewing.

  1. Colors look different

Monitors, laptop screens, and mobile screens are going to display different colors no matter how insignificant it may seem. As with website tests, there are tools that you can use to calibrate the colors that you use for your website to ensure uniformity when viewing on other devices.

  1. Fonts matter

The selection of fonts is not something that many website owners think about. However, it’s actually one of the vital parts of SEO in Washington DC. The last thing that you want is for a visitor to have a tough time reading because the font you use is too small for mobile.

  1. Use APIs

If you use third-party content and widgets on your website, you may be bloating the total size of your web page. Though this may be something that’s tolerable when viewing on a desktop, it’s simply not viable for mobile users to be subjected to bloat.

  1. Optimize images

Images are very tricky when it comes to mobile. Due to the difference in screen sizes and PPI of devices, you are going to need the analytics of your target demographic when resizing images. However, you can resize the actual file size to guarantee faster loading speeds.

  1. Give an incentive

If the majority of your users are viewing it on a desktop, then you have to wonder why they aren’t viewing it on their mobile. If they’ve simply gotten used to how your site looks on a desktop, then you should give them an incentive to try out the mobile version.

  1. To app or not to app

Those who have desktop websites that don’t want to convert it to something that functions on mobile tend to go with apps instead. The novelty may be something that you are looking for, but you should know that apps aren’t necessarily going to get you multiple spots on searches.

  1. Go with a firm that knows mobiles

Mobile marketing is very different from traditional marketing and the usual internet marketing. A company that provides SEO services should be knowledgeable with mobile marketing if you really want to improve mobile traffic with them.

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